Service centers

If you have a service call, fill in the form:

    Own service center – Konotop, 34 Myru Ave.

    Reception points:


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Ivana Lepse, 51/16
    (044) 497-01-32, (050) 442-01-84

    OUR SERVICE LLC, 44 Shchuseva Street
    (044) 537-48-45, (0800) 50-30-15


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Artem 6
    (061) 221-09-22, (099) 220-20-26, (096) 569-60-62

    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Schuseva, 44
    (044) 537-48-45, (0800) 50-30-15


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Pereyaslivska, 55
    (0536) 74-72-10, (0536) 74-71-53

    Krivoy Rog

    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Revolutionary, 73
    (056) 440-07-64


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Factory 18
    (056) 792-72-88, (067) 782-79-60, (066) 564-01-76


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street O. Stepanovna, 45
    (032) 232-81-15


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Budyonny, 44-a
    (0512) 50-03-11, 55-29-04


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Transport, 7-E


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Vernadsky, 1
    (057) 758-10-39, 758-10-40


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Hound, 51
    (0462) 267-58-58


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Ilyina, 204
    (0462) 267-58-58


    LLC “OUR SERVICE”, street Home, 265
    (0372) 58-43-01, (099) 029-69-67

    Answers to the most frequent service requests

    1. There is no software disc included with the board

    Fill out the form above. A service manager will contact you with a link to download the software.

    1. The interactive whiteboard is not calibrated

    For the correct calibration of the touch board, in the system settings, the “Display parameters” section, for display 2 (our projector), choose an extension of 1024 by 768 pixels (aspect ratio 4×3).

    1. The interactive whiteboard does not respond to touches

    Follow this algorithm of actions:

    • Check the connection of the board via USB cable to the PC.
    • Check the functionality of the board on another PC.
    1. The whiteboard displays a desktop without application icons (desktop background image without application “icons”)

    Press two keys on the keyboard at the same time: the “Windows” key + the English letter “P”. A design menu will appear on the right side of the screen. Select the item: “Repeat” or “Duplicate” (written differently in different versions of the OS).

    1. There is no image on the board from the projector

    We perform the following actions:

    • Check the presence of drivers for the video adapter.
    • Check the connection of the projector to the PC via HDMI/VGA cable.
    • Check the serviceability of the HDMI/VGA cable by connecting the projector to the PC with another previously working cable.
    • Check the correctness of the selected projection source on the projector itself.
    1. The program that comes with the board asks to enter the license key

    When the interactive whiteboard is not connected to the computer with a USB cable, the program does not “see” it (the whiteboard), which is why it asks for the key. You just need to connect the board to the computer before starting the program.

    To use the software without a board (on your PC at home), when prompted for a key, click on the “Trial version” window, after which the program will work without connecting the board.