About the company


Guaranteed to increase the level of the educational process by 50%

What we mean by the concept of “increasing the level of the educational process”:

  1. Reduction of time for preparing materials for the lesson;
  2. Reducing the time required to explain the necessary theoretical part and more time for practical exercises;
  3. Increased interest of students in the lesson, greater involvement of students in the learning process;
  4. Visualization of the material is simple and clear;
  5. High-quality equipment does not interfere with the educational process, on the contrary, it makes it more interesting, easier, and clearer.

We guarantee*:

  • If the quality of the educational process does not improve after 6 months of active use of the interactive equipment and services purchased from us, we guarantee that we will hold an additional master class for you free of charge, where we will provide you with answers to questions about the possibilities of using the interactive.
  • If during the next 6 months, after the additional master class and active use of TM “INTBOARD” equipment, the quality of the educational process does not improve, we will refund your money.*

* – “Using all the possibilities of interactive equipment and software products purchased from our company” means active use of TM “INTBOARD” interactive equipment purchased directly from CREO SYNERGY LLC and/or from an official dealer of CREO SYNERGY LLC, basic interactive equipment software and “Intboard Space” software, purchasing interactive equipment installation services by our specialists, as well as taking a master class on using “Intboard Space” interactive equipment and software. Applications for the refund of funds received by “CREO SYNERGY” LLC are accepted for consideration no later than 12 months from the date of installation of TM “INTBOARD” equipment.