Interactive panels


The best image quality regardless of the conditions. The touch panel works in bright daylight


Easy relocation and easy installation thanks to the mobile stand, connection with only one cable


The system of two independent computer units provides high computing power and energy efficiency

The INTBOARD interactive panel is the result of the work of a team of talented IT developers from Ukraine.

The philosophy that has won the respect of the brand is to create competitive high-tech equipment for schools, educational institutions of all types of accreditation, advertising, business.

The universal device is designed to replace the school board, projector, audio system, TV and computer processor.

The novelty is an ergonomically shaped liquid crystal display with a built-in Intel Core processor and side speakers with a capacity of 10 watts.

Panel with full Windows functionality: scrolls images up, down, sideways, plays videos, audio files.

The INTBOARD screen is available:

• in Full HD models: 55, 65 “; Ultra HD 75, 86 ”;

• with anti-glare backlight, viewing angle 178 °.

The display is made in a modern aesthetic, compactly mounted on the wall, decorated with an external aluminum frame in white, gray to choose from.

The Touch function provides simultaneous work of 6 people, touching the screen with a stylus, a hand to open windows, work with graphics, images.

Different screen diagonals allow you to choose an interactive model for rooms of any size, multilevel academic classrooms. The high resolution of the display guarantees a clear, realistic picture anywhere in the room.

The control panel is installed on the sides of the screen, the input and output ports are located under the screen.

The built-in computer is available on Intel i3, i5, i7 processors, adapted for Windows 7,8,10; Android, equipped with a TV tuner, supports all the features of a modern TV:

• MPEG (1,2,4) H264, RM, RMVB, MOV, MJPEG, VC1, Divx, FLV video formats.

• Audio: WMA, MP3, M4A, AAC.

• Graphic format: JPG, BMP, PNG.

The interactive panel is equipped with the interface: WI-FI, Bluetooth, USB. Allows listeners and lecturers to exchange information, send materials of presentations, reports.

The built-in media player helps to play multimedia content, present and manage audio, video, graphic information on the screen in real time. The multi-touch device can work autonomously or in a software system.

Unlike an interactive whiteboard, the multimedia panel provides professional work with drawings, graphics, in particular for creation of presentations of large-scale advertising companies.

The multimedia screen is used to demonstrate the benefits of goods, services with the possibility of using several offers in a row, visualization of the principle of operation of products, the dynamics of sales growth under certain conditions, etc.

INTBOARD Interactive Panel:

• Combines a universal multimedia system and a state-of-the-art computer, a large touch screen.

• High-resolution screen, powerful processor for showing movies, commercials, images created in Power Point.

• Allows the installation of multiple educational programs, compatible with all operating systems.

• Allows you to interact with the audience, students, colleagues, simultaneously participate in the presentation of several authors of the project.

• Offered at a reasonable price, accompanied by service support in all major cities of Ukraine, master classes on teacher training, company employees.

Interactive panels are convenient and easy to operate, do not require driver installation, to get started just connect 2 cables: signal and USB control.