Create fun, dynamic activities in the form of games without chalk and dust in just 30 minutes, it’s no harder than Paint


Forget about static presentations – interact with information and objects in real time, demonstrate the process


Involve students in the development of tasks from the first days of your introduction of interactive technologies on the BYOD system

The Intboard interactive whiteboard is a necessary solution for educational institutions and businesses, combining innovation and a classic marker presentation.
The board with a ceramic covering of an anti-glare is executed on infrared technology that allows:
• draw, write on the surface with a dry-erased marker,
• opaque pointer, control the touch of the hand.

The multitouch function is offered for simultaneous operation of six users. On the board you can enlarge, reduce, move graphic diagrams, drawings, pictures, images.
Diagonal options: 77, 80, 82, 91, 94 inches involve mounting the board on the wall in rooms of different sizes. Thanks to the ceramic coating anti-glare text, the image on the surface is clearly visible from anywhere in the classroom, the academic audience.
The case of the device is reliably protected from mechanical influences, humidity, dust by an anti-vandal design from aluminum.

The basic equipment of the training device includes:
• interactive whiteboard,
• wall mounting for mounting,
• opaque markers,
• USB cable,
• CD with software,
• operating instructions.

The multimedia set includes a projector and a smart case with specially designed lessons for teachers. A computer with a minimum memory of 800 MB is purchased by the user. Innovative multilingual board (supports Ukrainian, Russian, English), compatible with Windows.


Technical capabilities of the board:
• color, width of the handle are set by the user;
• choice of size, font color, typesetting, formatting;
• selection of a virtual eraser by size;
• creation of geometric shapes, choice of color of outlines, fillings;
• drawing of lines on the set parameters taking into account degree of an inclination;
• work with an online compass, drawing a circle of different diameters;
• settings of toolbars Word, Excel, graphic editors;
• restriction, blocking access to the board by a computer program;
• dividing the screen into 4 parts with autonomous functions for each;
• saving information from the board to a file for further playback;
• connect the camera for editing, viewing the document on the panel.

The interactive whiteboard helps the lecturer, teacher, author of the presentation to perform several functions with the help of one device:
• record the final result of the lesson (speech),
• compare with the result of previous classes,
• use the device within a computer, tablet,
• use any office programs, ready-made lessons, TouchBoard software.

Using an interactive whiteboard saves and effectively organizes learning time:
• the teacher uses ready-made templates of tasks;
• clearly and fascinatingly explains complex physical, chemical, biological processes;
• compares the indicators of calculations in the dynamics obtained in the lesson.

The device helps the lecturer to simulate difficult situations, show movies, laboratory experiments. A special ceramic coating guarantees a clear picture of the projector without additional dimming of the room. The company trains teachers, users of the interactive whiteboard at the place of operation, provides consultations online and by phone. The network of Intboard service centers is located in all major cities of Ukraine.