Program “Intboard Prostir”

The program “Intboard Prostir” gives the user access to the eponymous information network resource of the trademark Intboard. The software is compatible with any version of the Windows operating system. Network resource “Intboard Prostir” is an information portal for users who use interactive products Intboard ™, an aggregator of multimedia materials from around the world. The “Intboard Prostir” information portal is an ever-updating Intboard network resource.

All services are grouped into separate groups by functionality: mathematics, geography, biology, Ukrainian language, astronomy, history, chemistry, physics, foreign languages, science, testing, computer science, presentations, inclusion, music and general

The portal provides the opportunity to:

download@2x Download the latest software (software) for interactive whiteboards or touchpads at any time
system@2x Access to more than 74 free licensed services for creating interactive tasks and visual and audio support of the lesson, grouped by discipline
info@2x Read the software user manual, download them or print them
video_tutorial@2x Watch video tutorials on using software tools
devices@2x Services can be accessed from any device based on the Windows operating system
support@2x Keep around the clock with consultants and company specialists

How to install the software on a user’s computer:


Run the “Intboard Prostir.exe” distribution file.


Wait for the program to fully install. Confirm the installation if required by Windows Account Control.


Launch Intboard Space from the desktop shortcut.

Basic software

Easy and easy to use multilingual (Ukrainian, Russian, English) software that comes with the board, provides ample opportunities for learning and demonstration of the material. Write, draw, edit, save all information on a computer, print it and convert it to various formats. The software has the ability to recognize handwritten text. All performed actions can be saved for further work. The Camera tool allows you to use a connected device as a document camera.
It is possible to change objects (move, clone, flip, resize, block, edit, make transparent) using standard software.
And this is just a short list of the main features of the software.
The software is compatible with any operating system.


This is actually a modern software tool for teachers. A wide range of Corinth visual libraries with over 1,500 scientifically proven 3D models. The application covers 3d – models from the following disciplines:

Biologie-cloveka Human biology
Biologie-zvirat Animal biology
Biologie-rostlin Phytobiology
Paleontologie Paleontology
Chemie Chemistry
Fyzika Physics
Geologie Geology
Astronomie Astronomy
Geometrie Geometry
Kultura Culture

In addition to the usual three-dimensional models, the service features 360 ° images, as well as images with a zoom function. This is an opportunity to enlarge the image to nanometer size, ie to microscopic reproduction. This detail of the images will make your lessons extremely informative.

And the main advantage of Corinth – it works without an Internet connection.

Branded application “Intboard JOY”

The “Intboard JOY” application allows you to group previously installed programs on the device by categories required by the user. Corresponds to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science №137 / 13.02.2018 “On approval of the Indicative list of teaching aids and equipment for educational and general purpose for primary school classrooms”. The software is compatible with any version of Android. The shell has three versions, as well as the ability to independently install the necessary applications and group them at will.

We care about the safety and comfort of our customers and INTBOARD JOY users. To protect the privacy of data from adware, virus and spyware, AdGuard software is installed with a five-year license.

Education and Development Set:

Memory. In this section, all applications focus on the development of visual memory. It plays a key role in the process of memorization. All the famous people had almost perfect photographic memory. Now there are many techniques for its development. With age, it becomes more difficult to do, it takes a lot of effort and time. And for children, such learning in the form of games is interesting, and most importantly, necessary;

Warning. This section contains applications for finding differences, for finding an extra object, for finding an object in an image, and many other similar applications;

Thinking. Tasks for the development of logical thinking are suitable for both individual and group activities. The main task of adults is to ask why the child decided so. Even in tasks where you need to insert a missing letter, it is easy to track children’s logic. This section contains applications for building logical sequences, reproducing part of the image and more;

Motor skills. General and fine motor skills are very important for the full development of the child. After all, it affects not only the speed of the child’s movements, but also the work of the brain and the formation of neural connections;

Art. The child is not afraid to experiment with interactive applications, to express his vision. She is sure that if you do not like something, then everything can be canceled;

Entertainment. Because children’s interactive tables are designed not only for educational institutions, but also for children’s entertainment centers.

Освіта та розвиток

The set “Games and entertainment” consists of:

  • 8 programs for kids;
  • 9 exciting racing games;
  • 11 best games of the adventure genre;
  • 16 applications dedicated to sports;
  • 19 programs for logic and development of thinking;
  • 8 fun games for a company of 2 or more players.

The “Inclusion” set consists of:

  • speech. A set of applications to correct speech defects (learn letters, repeat animals, learn to read);
  • sensory. Sort by color, shape, pyramid…;
  • mathematics. We learn numbers, we learn to count (addition, subtraction)…;
  • art. Applications for drawing, coloring, color arrangement;
  • the world around us. Animals, objects, parts of the human body, professions, puzzles and puzzles;
  • thinking. Applications for logic and development of thinking (find a pair of objects, whose shadow, which object is superfluous).