Interactive tables


Develops the child’s worldview and forms an individual specific information base through adaptive tasks


Improves the quality and outcome of group or individual lessons and the quality of teacher feedback


Provides an opportunity to implement new teaching methods, change them depending on the required level, choosing the best

The interactive table is a touch panel located horizontally, with an instant response to touch. The main purpose of the device is to broadcast multimedia files directly to the table surface.
Multitouch technology (multiple simultaneous touch technology) allows you to use intuitive hand gestures to control virtual objects, images and multimedia in a natural way.
The game nature of the interaction, which uses multi-touch technology, sharing – all this helps to immerse users in an interactive world.

The interactive desk does what traditional media can do: it encourages social interaction and works with virtual objects as if they were real ones.

Corresponds to the order №414 / 23.04.2018 “On approval of a standard list of special means of correction of psychophysical development of children with special educational needs who study in inclusive and special classes of general secondary education”

The learning process, for the youngest, using interactive platforms takes on a completely different character. Students are happy to enter into a dialogue with a computer system, so the material is learned in an interesting game form. Sometimes this is the only way to interest restless children. Interacting with the computer, the child is not afraid to make a mistake and is not under pressure from the authority of the teacher. Software products have a huge library that contains information from a variety of fields of science.