Interactive kiosks


Easy relocation and easy installation thanks to the mobile stand, connected with just one cable


The best image quality regardless of the conditions. The touch screen works in bright daylight


Improves access to relevant user information. Provides a self-service function in public places

An interactive kiosk is a device that combines a computer, a monitor, and a touch screen.
The main task of the devices is to provide quick and convenient access to the necessary information.

The touch kiosk (self-service kiosk) is designed to provide the user with various information without the involvement of service personnel. Information kiosks are assembled on the basis of a personal computer equipped with a touch monitor and installed in an ergonomic vandal-resistant, usually steel case.

In addition to steel, kiosk housings are made using anti-vandal tempered glass.

Interactive touch kiosk, provides access to information and applications for communication, shopping, entertainment or learning.

The scope of information kiosks is very wide, for example:

  • health care facilities: clinics, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, boarding houses;
  • cultural institutions: museums, galleries;
  • shopping and entertainment centers, hypermarkets, other shopping organizations;
  • banking institutions;
  • transport hubs: railway stations, airports;
  • cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, hotels;
  • exhibitions;
  • car dealerships;
  • State institutions;
  • schools;
  • travel agencies;
  • judge;
  • sports centers.