About the company

Our Mission – We improve the World by making it progressive! We are a company that creates the future of our children!
With the help of interactive technologies available to everyone, we try to make the process of knowledge transfer interesting and exciting for children, awakening in them the desire for new discoveries.

The value of the company’s product

For Education:
Improve the quality of the educational process, making it interesting, modern, interesting and safe!
For business:
Help attract family customers and increase your income! At the same time we will strengthen positive emotions to your brand!

Confidence that our client is one hundred percent using the opportunities purchased from us, high-quality equipment – inspires each of our employees to selfless work, adds understanding of the importance of the chosen business.

With us you have the opportunity to touch the information literally.
We are the link between teacher and student, and we know how to turn the routine of the learning process into fun. Using the interactive equipment “INTBOARD” you enjoy gaining new knowledge to the fullest. With our help, information can not only be heard or read, but also comprehensively considered and felt.

For about ten years we have been helping to convey knowledge and information to people. We cooperate with school teachers and university teachers, with entrepreneurs and coaches of various orientations, but we are not teachers ourselves.

We supply interactive whiteboards, panels and other modern interactive equipment of TM “INTBOARD”.

With us, your information becomes more visible and understandable to people. Those who use multimedia equipment know that the phrase “touch knowledge” is no longer just a figurative expression, but a reality.

We provide modern, high-quality interactive equipment INTBOARD educational institutions, companies of Ukraine and the world.
We provide high-quality service to our interactive equipment, train our client’s staff to effectively use interactive equipment in practice. It may sound a bit idealistic to some, but we want knowledge in our country to be at a decent level, and we can contribute to that.

Our interactive equipment is an opportunity to conduct both a developmental lesson for the little ones and an exciting presentation for adults. INTBOARD interactive equipment is a world-class quality product. It gives our children the opportunity to get a decent education in their home country, and organizations and businesses – to raise the level of their employees and take a worthy place in the international community.