Training master classes

We will help increase your competence in the field of interactive equipment.

We will hold a master class at your school. We will tell and demonstrate all the possibilities of an interactive whiteboard in practice.

We will inform you that this interactive whiteboard is modern, not difficult and effective!

If you are in a situation where there is a desire to buy an interactive whiteboard, but leaves no doubt: “How to use an interactive whiteboard?”, “It’s difficult!”, “We can not learn!” … or an interactive whiteboard “calmly” and “very quietly” hangs on your wall. At best, it serves as a screen for outputting information from the projector. No one uses all the potential packed into an interactive whiteboard. Everyone is afraid, no one knows, no one knows …. In this case, our experts are ready to go to you and clearly clarify all the unclear points.
A three-hour master class is conducted by a certified speaker.

    Application for training

    For more information, call the department consultant at +38 (068) 698-93-92