INTBOARD TE-TL 65 + Sliding chalk board

Prostir@2x Unique software "Intboard Prostir" for creating interactive tasks
USB_Intboard@2x Branded USB drive for teachers as a gift!
High resolution
Path 217@2x
Anti-vandal design
Two operating
Multi-touch 40-touch multiplayer
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The INTBOARD interactive panel is a new complex solution which is perfectly suitable both for educational institutions (schools, institutes), and for preparatory centers or for presentations, negotiations in offices.

The INTBOARD interactive panel will replace several devices: a regular whiteboard, a computer, a projector, a TV, a projector screen and a speaker system. The INTBOARD interactive panel is an effective tool for teaching and giving presentations.

INTBOARD interactive panels have an aluminum outer frame, which reliably protects against damage and gives them a stylish appearance.

INTBOARD interactive panels use infrared technology, so they support 40 touches. Up to 10 users can work with the interactive panel at the same time. INTBOARD interactive panels are equipped with a built-in ARM processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of built-in memory. Discrete or integrated video card. The pre-installed Android operating system allows you to use the interactive panel without connecting to a PC, as well as use all popular services. Interactive panels have a special slot for installing OPS computer.

If necessary, we can immediately install an OPS computer based on a powerful Intel Core family of processors.


The package includes free software “Intboard Prostir”. This is a constantly updated library of services for conducting and creating your own interactive lessons. All applications in the service are grouped by school and general subjects. In “Intboard Prostir” – you will find the following sections: mathematics, geography, biology, Ukrainian language, astronomy, history, chemistry, physics, foreign languages, science, computer science, music, testing, presentations, inclusion, general and 3D modeling.

In addition to services, in “Intboard Prostir” you will find instructions, webinars from the company’s specialists and links to download the basic software for working with the interactive panel.

The diagonal of the panel is possible for placement

up to 65”

Dimensions, mm



dark green, matte


2 sliding boards + 2 fixed

Board covering

Paint film with a hardness level of H9


Metal without sharp corners

Weight, kg


Delivery set

The cost is calculated for a set: the interactive INTBOART TE-TL 65 panel + a sliding chalk board

1. What is an interactive panel (IP)?

The interactive panel is an independent touch-multimedia complex.

Main components: large touch screen, 2 independent computing units (computer), audio system, a set of analog, digital and wireless interfaces. The overall layout of the device is a candy bar.

The body of the device is made on the basis of metal and aluminum alloys. On the front panel there are analog controls (on / off buttons, volume, signal source control), as well as USB and HDMI connectors.

2. How is the interaction with the SP?

You can interact with the touch panel by controlling the input of information, both with a special stylus / marker and with the touch of a finger. The communication between the panel and the computer is two-way, and the finger or pen (stylus, pen) works like a mouse.

3. What screen is used in the touch panel?

The most important element of the panel is the screen. It is protected by impact-resistant glass on which it is possible to apply an anti-glare layer. The operation of the touch screen, built on the basis of the most reliable and effective technology – infrared (sensors are located around the perimeter inside the frame). Supports up to 40 independent touches and multitoch function. It is worth noting that the matrix used is a high-contrast LCD matrix with a resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160).

4. Why is it important to pay attention to the screen settings?

All work with the panel is directly through the screen, so good brightness and viewing angles combined with high resolution, prevent rapid eye fatigue and increase visual comfort at work.

5. How is an interactive whiteboard different from an interactive whiteboard?

  • High image quality (brightness contrast) in bright light, no shadow provided by the projector.
  • When installing on a mobile rack does not require laying cables, wall mounting – it is much more convenient, safer and faster to change the location of the device.
  • High resolution and clear picture. Thanks to the high-quality image, the eyes are less tired.
  • Energy efficient system with two independent computing units on ARM Cortex® and Intel® Core ™.
  • Replaces the teacher’s PC (wireless mouse and keyboard connection). No need to install TV, audio system.

6. Is the software included with the touchpad?

We do not bind the teacher to the use of time-limited licensed software. Programs and materials provided with the equipment are completely free for free use in the work, constantly updated and updated. You can always get informational support by contacting us.