Interactive display INTBOARD 32″

Prostir@2x Unique software "Intboard Prostir" for creating interactive tasks
USB_Intboard@2x Branded USB drive for teachers as a gift!
High resolution
Path 217@2x
Anti-vandal design
Built-in computer module
Multitouch for 10 touches - designed for many users
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The interactive display or digital touch screen is a Windows-based multimedia system and is equipped with a compatible computing module with an Intel® Core processor.

The matrix of the INTBOARD interactive display provides high quality of transfer of color, irrespective of a viewing angle and with almost complete absence of inversion of color scale.

Control of the elements on the screen is not much different from the principle of working with a smartphone, the display recognizes simultaneous touches at ten points. input and control is carried out both by means of fingers, and with use of a stylus.

In large corporate buildings and campuses, INTBOARD interactive displays can also be used as help stands for visitors or as a means of communication for employees. They can display an interactive building plan or campus map for visitors, company news and information about its successes, or announce future events and charitable projects with the possibility of electronic registration.

With a choice of application software, interactive displays provide unique opportunities to collaborate with spatial data, text, tables, videos, images and graphics, including 3D.


The package includes free software “Intboard Prostir”. This is a constantly updated library of services for conducting and creating your own interactive lessons. All applications in the service are grouped by school and general subjects. In “Intboard Prostir” – you will find the following sections: mathematics, geography, biology, Ukrainian language, astronomy, history, chemistry, physics, foreign languages, science, computer science, music, testing, presentations, inclusion, general and 3D modeling.

In addition to services, in “Intboard Prostir” you will find instructions, webinars from the company’s specialists and links to download the basic software for working with the interactive panel.


32 inches

Співвідношення сторін






Роздільна здатність екрану

1920 x 1080

Кут огляду


Поверхня екрану

Загартоване скло Н9

Швидкість курсора

До 300 точок в секунду




10 торкань

Потужність динаміків

2 х 3 Вт

Комп'ютерний модуль

I3/ 4Gb/SSD128Gb




HDMI, VGA, USB 3.0 - 2 шт., USB 2.0 - 2 шт., RJ45 - 1 шт, роз'єм для навушників, роз'єм для мікрофона

Комплект поставки

Дисплей, кабель живлення, гарантійний талон, інструкція користувача, ПЗ Intboard Easy Start,

1. What is an interactive panel (IP)?
The interactive panel is an independent touch-multimedia complex.
Main components: large touch screen, a set of analog, digital and wireless interfaces. The overall layout of the device is a candy bar.
The body of the device is made on the basis of metal and aluminum alloys.

2. How is the interaction with the SP?
You can interact with the touch panel by controlling the input of information, both with a special stylus / marker and with the touch of a finger. The communication between the panel and the computer is two-way, and the finger or pen (stylus, pen) works like a mouse.

3. What screen is used in the touchpad?
The most important element of the panel is the screen. It is protected by impact-resistant glass on which it is possible to apply an anti-glare layer. The operation of the touch screen, built on the basis of the most reliable and effective technology – infrared (sensors are located around the perimeter inside the frame). Supports up to 10 independent touches and multitoch function. It is worth noting that the matrix used is a high-contrast LCD matrix with FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080).

4. Why is it important to pay attention to the screen settings?
All work with the panel is directly through the screen, so good brightness and viewing angles combined with high resolution, prevent rapid eye fatigue and increase visual comfort at work.

5. How is an interactive whiteboard different from an interactive whiteboard?

  • High image quality (brightness contrast) in bright light, no shadow provided by the projector.
  • When installing a mobile rack does not require gaskets, wall mounting – it is much more convenient, safer and faster to change the location of the device.
  • High resolution and clear picture. Thanks to the high-quality image, the eyes are less tired.
  • Energy efficient system on Intel® Core processor ™.
  • Replaces the teacher’s PC (wireless mouse and keyboard connection). No need to install TV, audio system.

6. Is the software included with the touchpad?
We do not bind the teacher to the use of time-limited licensed software. Programs and materials provided with the equipment are completely free for free use in the work, constantly updated and updated. You can always get informational support by contacting us.