Interactive table INTBOARD ZABAVA

colors@2x Individual design
device@2x A set of programs with educational and game content
green@2x Environmentally friendly materials
Multi-touch for 10 touches - multiplayer work
Finger control
Path 217@2x
The screen is protected by tempered glass
Corresponds to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science №414 / 23.04.2018
Ability to work (play) in groups
Games for learning and development in one device
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The children’s interactive table INTBOARD ZABAVA has a diagonal of 32 inches, is ideally suited for training or entertainments to 6 children at the same time.

It has bright colors. It is made of environmentally friendly materials that allows it to be used by children.

The screen is covered with tempered protective glass, but the image quality or reaction speed does not suffer. Capacitive technology is used, as in phones or tablets.

INTBOARD ZABAVA will perfectly complement any game room. Will be part of the learning process in primary school or kindergarten.

It corresponds to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science №414 / 23.04.2018 “On approval of the Standard list of special means of correction of psychophysical development of children with special educational needs who study in inclusive and special classes of general secondary education”.

Due to the multi-touch technology, ie the simultaneous work of several users, the interactive table increases the level of socialization of the child, promotes the development of teamwork skills and increases the level of interaction.


“Intboard JOY” software is compatible with any version of Android. The shell has three versions: “Education and Development”, “Games and Entertainment”, “Inclusion”. Each of the sets contains approximately 80 applications from different areas. It is also possible to independently install the necessary applications and group them at will.

Housing material

Laminated MDF

Diagonal, inches



Capacitive, 10 touches

Aspect ratio


Screen resolution

1920 х 1080

Viewing angle

178°/178° (H/V)

Brightness, cd/m2



Quad core (4 nuclei)


2 - standard 4, 6 - to order

Built-in memory, GB

16 - standard 32, 64 - to order

Operating System


Built-in WiFi

there is


USB 2.0 — 2, RJ45 — 1

Speaker power, W.


Maximum power consumption, W.


Dimensions W x H x D, cm

140 х 68 х 53,5

Weight, kg


Maximum output power of the transmitter

37.07 mW (15.69 dBm) - IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.17 mW (3.37 dBm) - IEEE 802.15 Bluetooth

Radio interface for data transmission

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n та IEEE 802.15 Bluetooth

Antenna type/Ga

Constructive/2.0 dBi

Frequency range, MHz

2400,0 . . . 2483,5

Delivery set

Interactive table - 1 amount, user manual - 1 amount, software - 1 amount (installed on the interactive table)

1. What is an interactive table?

An interactive desk is a multimedia complex with a touch panel located horizontally in the case, a built-in audio system and a set of wireless and digital interfaces for connecting external media or the Internet.

2. What operating system is installed in the interactive table?

Android OS is installed, so all the benefits of using applications for this shell are available. Possible configuration option with Windows.

3. What programs are included?

To meet the requirements of users and customers, the interactive desk comes with one of three sets of applications: “Education and Development”, “Games and Entertainment”, “Inclusion”. All applications are grouped into specialized sections and are part of the proprietary software “Intboard JOY”.

4. What is “Intboard JOY”?

Intboard JOY – a comprehensive software solution that allows you to group previously installed programs on the device by categories required by the user. Corresponds to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science №137 / 13.02.2018 “On approval of the Indicative list of teaching aids and equipment for educational and general purpose for primary school classrooms”.

5. Why gaming applications?

You can install any programs on demand and needs in the memory of the interactive table. The main purpose of the branded application “Intboard JOY” is a comprehensive approach to the targeted retention of children’s attention: learning in the form of games through entertainment programs; passion for the game with an inconspicuous, native and relevant development of new knowledge and skills.

6. Where can I use an interactive table?

In schools, kindergartens, educational centers: the process of learning and mastering the material becomes more visual, understandable and interesting.

In restaurants, cafes: has a positive effect on the number of family customers in the institution, allows you to improve service.

Real estate agencies, design studios, design institutions: the capabilities of touch tables facilitate the presentation of new projects for clients.